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1) Rules?

No forms of physical contact will be tolerated, aside from an introductory handshake!
No suggestive conversation topics.
If any rules have been violated (i.e. inappropriate touching), your date has the right to leave before the stipulated time ends, and no refunds will be made to the client.

2) How do I make a booking?

Simply click the “Request to book” button found at the bottom right of any page. It will prompt you to send a message via whatsapp to us. 
After you have sent us a message, wait for your meeting confirmation while we liaise with your requested date!


3) How is my privacy protected? 

Elitely takes protecting our client’s privacy very seriously! We will not disclose your personal information to any third party or social media platform -- not even to your date --  without your consent. Likewise, your date is not obligated to share her contact details with you.

4) Can I exchange contact numbers with my date? 

Absolutely, as long as your date is comfortable with it! 
Do note that despite this, there are no obligations for our members to divulge their contact details.

5) How do I make payment?

Payment must be made via Paynow or Bank Transfer upon confirmation of the date. 

6) Can I make cash payment during the date itself?

No. Payment must be made upfront via Paynow or Bank Transfer, before a booking is confirmed.This applies to any extension request made prior to or during the date.

7) Who pays during the date?

All expenses during the date will be paid by you. If you have reservations against this though, let us know, we will work something out.

8) Are there any miscellaneous charges?

Miscellaneous charges apply for: 
Bookings that start after 11pm, and end after 12am -- additional surcharge of $40 (i.e. to cover the girl’s cab fare.)

9) Am I allowed to cancel a booking? 

You can cancel a booking. To cancel, Whatsapp your Elitely coordinator. 
70% of the payment will be refunded if you inform your Elitely coordinator less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled meet-up time.
Cancellations made less than 12 hours prior to the scheduled meet-up time are only entitled to 50% of the total fees paid. Cancellations made less than 3 hours prior to the meet up are not entitled to any refund.

10) If my date is late, can I get a refund?

If your date is late by more than 15 min, you are allowed to cancel the date with a full refund. In the event that the date does continue, the personality will also be subjected to a penalty fee in accordance to her rate.
If your date is late by 15 min or less, she will stay for the amount of time that she is late (i.e. If your date is late for 15 mins, she will stay for an additional 15 mins to make up for the time).

11) Can my friend(s) and I make a booking for 1 date?

Yes, absolutely! 

12) Can I make a booking for more than 1 girl?

Of course you can! This is subjected to the availability of the requested girls.

13) Are there any scenarios where the service will be terminated with immediate effect during the date? 

The service will be terminated with immediate effect during the date when the following rules have been violated: 
(a) Client has any form of inappropriate physical contact with his/her date. As a rule of thumb, besides a friendly handshake, any other forms of physical contact are considered to be a violation of our rules of service.
(b) The client offers any form of private arrangement(s), with or without monetary benefit to our members.
(c) Client uses offensive language or displays offensive behaviour to our members.
Our members are not obligated to continue with the service in the event that any of the above rules have been violated, and no refunds will be given to the client.
Clients who violate our rules may also be banned from engaging our services.
(d) The personality is late for more than 30 minutes

14) What kinds of activities and venues are prohibited?

All dates must take place in public spaces. Clients must declare the meet up point prior to confirming a booking with a date. is operated by "Elitely Collective Private Limited" and has rights to the names "Elitelysg" and "Elitely". Full terms and conditions and our privacy policy can be found here