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We built a new app to level the playing field for dating

Posted by Elitely Group on


The Elitely Group has launched a new cross-media platform project in July 2023, to foster a “Influencers and Personalities You Can Meet” social community in Singapore.

This platform aims to bring three groups together:

  • Influencers looking to monetize their craft and engage with genuine fans through creative merit such as modelling, cosplay, game streaming and live-streaming
  • Personalities looking to get to know others for remuneration
  • Lurkers, a core userbase of fans seeking a simple and fuss-free way to connect with a Personality and/or Influencer(s) that they will otherwise not get a chance to interact with 

As a cross-media platform project, most initial Meets are arranged on a main website and mobile application. Both feature a simple and intuitive interface, comparable to browsing Instagram feeds and Select-Order functions on app menus when users explore potential Meets. 

In turn, Elitely’s Media team will feature Personalities and Influencers, as well as their content and Meets, extensively on the common social media that are already using and engaging fans on, such as Instagram and Twitter. The team will also actively spread their content by engaging the mainstream press, entertainment media platforms, as well as forums like reddit.

Inclusivity and holistic coverage is also the name of the game at Elitely. On launch, the platform will feature a well-prepared bevy of mainstream and common creator categories, such as game streamers and models. The team has concretized short-to-medium term plans to expand this rapidly, so as to include artists and crafters in niche fields, and cover a wide range of gender-associated interests and content themes.

There will be something for everyone, and in doing so, Elitely hopes to dispel certain prevailing tropes on social and dating -platforms, such as male users outnumbering female users on many dating apps.

Elitely is also highly committed to creating a safe, genuine, and progressive environment for all on the platform. Influencers and Personalities are verified before onboarding, and paywall filters weed out potential “troll” and harmful Lurkers to ensure safe discussion and meeting -spaces. 

As a step above merely meeting and the colloquial “hanging”, Elitely Meets are not one-and-done, but invaluable chances for friendships and mutual collaborations to develop. Influencers are encouraged to create further content during Meets (eg. Model-type influencers can go on group shoots with their fans). 

The Elitely media team will then document eventful meetings in the form of published photoshoots, vlogs and streams, perpetuating a positive feedback cycle that increases engagement and collaboration for the parties involved. 

Steph from the founding team observes, “In many modelling and streaming communities, it is already commonplace for influencers to monetize their work through income sources like Patreon and Kofi, so that they can sustain their content creation and/or evolve it to a large-scale or full-time endeavour. However, there is still some stigma over how fans can at best only give monetary support, and ‘that’s just it’”.

“These actions are sometimes brushed off by outsiders as fans just being parasocial or ‘simpy’ towards the influencer. We want to prove how this need not be the case, and it is possible for creators and fans to become collaborative mutuals over time, with social and concrete goals to work towards together.”

Elitely is currently opening invitations to Influencers and Personalities for the Pre-Launch, especially parties who are currently (or planning on) monetizing their creative pursuits and fan interactions. Interested parties may sign up here

More about the new web app here