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Name: Tiffany
Rate: $190/2h
Age: 25+
Height: 165
Languages: English, Chinese, Korean (Basic)
Drinks: Non-alcoholic
Availability: Monday to Wednesday, Thursday to Saturday before 5pm. Anytime on Sunday

About Me:
Hi! In the last year till recently, I’ve taken yoga and acting classes to keep myself active on physical and emotional levels. I also take coaching programmes to deepen into self enquiry (I’m sure we have all come across the age old philosophical question of “who am I, really?”).

I don’t need you to baby my emotions. I will not be clinging annoyingly onto you (unless that’s something you request? But a proper discussion is needed for me to understand your needs). I strive to be a better version of myself everyday and would be happy to accompany you on your journey of self development.

I think that tragic events happen everyday to people and the environment. Instead of feeling cynical and helpless about the fact that there is darkness in the world, I seek to focus on what we can do to be an enabler to people’s lives. I would like to also continue to cultivate values of compassion and empathy.

Open to discussion, you can consider the following activities --


☕ Café hopping


Events [your +1]

Amusement park

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