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Name: Rae

Rate: $160/2h

Age: 21-23 

Height: 166cm

Languages: English, Mandarin (barely there)

Drinks: Loves coffee. Alcohol is fine.

Availability: Weekdays 7.30pm - 11pm; Sat 12pm onwards & Sun before 6pm

About me: 

Hey there! I’d say I’m an empathetic young person with a burning passion for people and the planet. While I’m deeply engaged in the media space, I juggle a myriad of interests such as the arts, advocacy, writing, fashion, theatre, music, current affairs, film, philosophy, dance, and most recently, skating! Needless to say, we can talk about anything.


Life is but an adventure. I’m good with anything mentally, creatively, and gastronomically stimulating; but a good ol’ chill out works just as fine as well. 

Did I mention I love coffee?

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