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Name: Ailene

Rate: $200/2h

Age: 19-21

Height: 157cm

Languages: English, Mandarin, Indonesian

Drinks: Social

Availability: Weekdays 6-9pm, Saturdays before 5pm

About Me:
Hey! Will 100% hear you out and hype you up HAHA am all about good vibes and wholesome talks so if you’re looking for someone who appreciates the small things in life, loves to talk about crazy goals, is a good listener and is genuine in sharing about life experiences and my own ideals or dreams, I gotchu :”)

My friends always say I make the lamest jokes but they laugh at it so I’d like to think I’m pretty funny and would make a goofy distraction to problems!

I love trying new things and meeting new people so here’s to a great day ahead for you and maybe I’ll even see you soon!

Food, photography adventures, shopping, cycling, studying, pool, gaming, mahjong, baking, arcade etc.

Maybe this sounds odd but I think it’s just nice to be/have a companion, be it for social events (+1 to gatherings etc.) or simply running errands (I actually really love supermarkets HAHA), so honestly feel free to invite me down for anything you want to do ranging from just chilling at a cafe and getting work done with small talk or doing something absolutely unconventional like going bungee jumping - who knows? x

P.S. While hiking trails with paths are totally fine, I’m mildly allergic to grass (i know it’s kindof lame don’t laugh at me :<) so I can’t really go explore the forests with tall grass or anything like that sorry !

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